Order as Few as 25 Books
or Order in the 1000s

No Waste PublishingTM is the book division of Accent Group Solutions, one of the largest “print-on-demand” suppliers in St. Louis. Our mission is to provide the best value in book printing for the self-publisher. It is our belief that great customer service begins and ends with personal attention. Therefore, you will be assigned a dedicated customer service representative who will assist you throughout the entire self-publishing process.

We want to make it easy for you to self publish your book. First and foremost, we are a printing company that offers publishing services as well.  We are not a subsidy publisher or a vanity press.  Therefore, there are no complicated publishing "packages" or contracts.  We don't own any rights to your book, nor do we want to! You will never pay for anything that you don't need or want. By keeping everything simple, we keep everything affordable, but without any compromises on quality or service.  

You have the following two basic choices for self-publishing your book:

 PrintOnlyTM This is the perfect choice for the self publisher that simply wants his or her book to be printed.

No frills needed or wanted.  

PrintPlusTM This is the ideal choice for the self publisher who requires a broader range of support, but who doesn’t want to pay for anything that isn’t needed.


Our goal is to never “sell” you anything, but to give you as much information as necessary every step of the way so that you are always making informed decisions that are in your best interest. We don’t just take orders; we help shape them. We’ve built our business on honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Every precaution is taken to ensure that you get the best final result with no chance of any unpleasant surprises. And after thirty (30) years in business, you can be sure we’ll be here tomorrow to serve your needs.

We’re confident that once you learn more about the No Waste Concept and our company’s print on demand publishing services, you’ll feel that your search for a book printer is over. We invite you to explore our site or to Get Started. Contact your personal book project representative today.