Genealogy & Family History Books

There are two types of authors who write family history books, and No Waste PublishingTM is the ideal publisher for either type.

Some genealogy authors intend to distribute books only to the immediate family and maybe to a few libraries and the local genealogical society. This author may need a little help with the cover design, but not much else. A print run will typically be from 25 to 200, often with a hard cover binding to enhance the appearance and appeal of the genealogy book when distributing to family members.

Then there’s the genealogy author who writes a more scholarly tome with the intention of distributing and selling to a wider audience. This author is engaged in a wide variety of activities. For example, the author will invest more in a professional cover design, need an ISBN, and Library of Congress Control Numbers. These authors will distribute books to a broader number of libraries, historical societies, and genealogical societies.

No Waste PublishingTM is ideally suited to serve the needs of both types of family history authors. If all you require are professionally published family history books, we are your perfect source with our PrintOnlyTMoption. Whether you need 25 books, or a few hundred, we’ll make your self-publishing experience both easy and fulfilling.

However, if you need a wider range of services, No Waste Publishing® remains your ideal choice. The value added services we offer with our PrintPlusTM option are “a la carte”. You pick what you need for your self-publishing project, and only what you need. There are no complex packages to wade your way through. No “frills”; we concentrate on providing services that are of genuine value to you.