No Waste Concept

The simple truth is that most authors who self-publish are uncertain of the precise number of books to print. Most publishers and printers force you to purchase large quantities before you receive an affordable “per book” cost. This creates a situation where the author is left with many unused books. This is a very common, expensive, and wasteful mistake.

Fortunately, there is a better alternative. No Waste Publishingtm is the ideal printer for self-publishing. Our unique “no waste” process allows you to order and reorder in quantities as low as 25 at a very reasonable price per book. And not just paperback books, but hardcover books too, complete with a custom color cover! Best of all, the quality is exceptional, since we only use state-of-the-art digital presses.

Here’s how it works. We print your book at a quantity that best suits your initial requirements. We then archive a digital version of your book that contains all the critical information and details for 5 years. Any changes made to your original file such as page layout adjustments and photograph enhancements are saved and archived with perfect integrity. Then, at a moment’s notice from you, we will print your re-order of 25 books or more. No new job set-up charges are required. If minor changes to your book are required, simply send us the new changes and we’ll incorporate them into your stored file for a nominal fee of $ 30.00. Perhaps you only need a few books or maybe hundreds. In either case, you’ll receive your book quickly and economically.

Please contact us for more information about our print-on-demand, no waste, publishing services, and we’ll answer your questions in detail.